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Carnelian set in 925 silver.

Carnelian is a birthstone of Aries.

Carnelian has a long history of over 4,500 years. Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian craftsmen were making jewelry set with carnelian. Ancient Greeks and Romans valued this crystal which they used for their intaglios. In addition, it has been popular for signet rings thanks to its vivid orange to red color.

Carnelian is a very powerful healing stone. This stone is also known as "bloodstone". It has a very high iron content, hence it is red in color. Some of the healing properties and powers of Carnelian are below:

- Carnelian promotes health and vitality: It enhances the flow of life force in the body and encourages well-being.

- Combat fatigue: Carnelian helps in the release of stress and heals the body and the mind.

- Healing of the heart chakra: This stone purifies blood, the heart, lungs and liver.

- Strengthens the immune system: Carnelian is very effective in treating any kind of infections and diseases of the blood.

- Promotes fertility: Carnelian strengthens the reproductive system and helps women who are trying to conceive.

- Lowers blood pressure: Carnelian balances the blood pressure and also cleanses the blood and the circulatory system.

- Stabilizes blood sugar levels: Carnelian protects against all types of infections and toxins in the blood.

Carnelian with the beautiful shades of orange can stimulate and activate your sacral chakra. This chakra is located just above your pubic bone and below your navel at the front of your pelvis. The second chakra controls the flow of energy and is the body’s center of gravity. Also, this is the center of the life force of the body, controlling the flow of information from the body to your mind and vice versa.

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