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agate set in 925 silver.

The traditional birthstone chart associates Agate with Taurus and Gemini. Our spiritual and mystical interpretation of birthstones also links Agate with Gemini, even though Agate is only an auxiliary stone of this sign (Tiger’s eye being the main birthstone of Gemini).

At its core, many agates are grounding stones and have a powerful connection with Mother Earth. Agates are called the earth rainbow, thanks to their unique concentric bands and patterns in nearly every color that the earth can produce.

Historically speaking, agate has been discovered with artifacts from the Neolithic people. It was used as healing ornamentation and amulets dating back to Babylon’s civilization. Its medicinal uses continued through the ancient Egyptians and Greek civilization.

Most agate was worn as amulets in ancient times. It is said to guard you against all dangers and allow you to vanquish earthly challenges such as lightning and high winds. Furthermore, ancient seafarers used agate crystals in amulets to protect against the fury of the surging ocean and giant waves.

The Agate crystal properties work by connecting you with the gentle vibrations of the Earth, making it a gentle stone with a light, diffused energy. With mellow vibrations and a steady rhythm, Agate can bring you a sense of peace and support when you feel scattered or overwhelmed by modern life.

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