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Black Onyx set in 925 silver.

The birthstone for Leo, the zodiac sign, is Black Onyx, which is supposed to be related to the planet Saturn. It is a calming stone that is beneficial to wear, particularly during times of emotional turmoil. Black Onyx assists Leos in digging in their heels and grounding themselves, allowing them to feel secure and safe without yielding to possessive behavior patterns. Black Onyx also encourages Leos to take control of their destiny.

Black Onyx is a grounding stone and an earth element, just as other earth stones. It is intricately linked to your Root Chakra, which serves as a foundation and source of stability for the Chakras above it.

The Root Chakra, positioned at the base of the spine and sacrum, is helped to balance and open by black Onyx. Because the Root Chakra stabilizes you and ties you to the earth, balancing it is critical to the vitality and balance of all other Chakras.

Healers can utilize Black Onyx to shield themselves from the negative energy that their patients emit. Because of the tremendous level of labor they conduct with their customers, healers are particularly vulnerable to cloudy, smogged auras. Black Onyx can assist in dispersing that energy so as not to penetrate their aura, leaving them exhausted.

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