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Problem with a greenish stain reaction with your skin from your new piece of silver jewelry?

A common reaction from Sterling Silver, will be an a green-like stain on your skin that can appear in the first few days of wear.

There are two reasons for this happening.

Liver Of Sulphur

This is the perspiration from your body, reacting with the blackening solution used in the detailed areas of the silver jewelry. We use a Liver of Sulphur solution to darken the engravings and certain details in the silver jewelry in some designs and with certain skin types, this may leak a small portion of the solution and give a green look on your finger. With most of our silver designs, the wide surface also creates a larger area for perspiration that will affect the 'green skin'. 

This is purely an early-stage event. After a few times wearing the silver jewelry, this will stop! If not we recommend you ask a jeweler in your area to give it a quick polish to remove any impurities on the surface of your new jewelry.

Initial Base Metal Reaction

The second reason for this is just a direct reaction with a layer of base metal in the sterling silver. 

When you 'alloy' a metal like Sterling Silver (pure silver and base metals), it doesn't combine as such, it levels out in the alloy in layers. Therefore, how the alloy has formed may have a base metal layer right at the surface, which is in direct contact with your skin initially, causing the Green Tarnish stain early only.

Once again, this will subside after a few days.

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